torsdag den 7. oktober 2010

A cute bunny

Today I have made a cute bunny, he is white and 3,5" sitting. This is the 2. bunny/rabbit I have made - normaly I make teddy bears.

He is named Oscar, and I'll list him on Bear Pile later today, I have more bears listed there too.

søndag den 3. oktober 2010

A white rabbit


I have joined a nice place for teddy bears,  a great place for surfing very nice handmade
one of a kind teddy bears in all sizes from micro up to large teddy's and they are in all kind of colors too.

I have also made my very first rabbit, it was meant to be a bear, but she said she was not a bear but
a very cute white RABBIT, so here she is Alberta 5 inch tall and very soft.


Så har vi dejlige sommerdage, det er noget jeg nyder. Jeg slæber glad og gerne alle mine krea sysler udendørs for at kunne nyde sommeren...