Viser indlæg fra april 19, 2015

Free pattern for Pukipuki


I have drawn a simple pattern for a Pukipuki dress, and here it is for you to make.

I made it in thin felt, but other not fraying fabric can be used too.
I hope you can have fun with it.

I have put measurements on the drawing if you can not print it out, don't know if that will work.

have a nice weekend   :)

My tiny realPuki in new clothes

My tiny new real puki was in big need for clothes, so I have been busy crocheting tiny pieces, it takes much more time than doing a big thing, its very,very fiddly, my fingers looks very big  :)

I don't thing I'll ever put things for realpuki in my Etsy shop, Pukipuki is the smallest I have clothes for there.

Itty,bitty real Puki - just arrived.


Now see just what the postman came with today ... The long-awaited real Puki,
and if you think PukiPuki is small, so see this tiny one,
so itty, bitty and super cute. 

Now I start to paint her / him / it....

But there is some hours before that is done, its quite difficult.

Pullip - a very cute doll


I like Pullip too, even if I prefer to put her on another short body so she is more like a girl style, than a fashion doll.

This way my Pullip + Blythe can share things too and I like her much,much more.

Here she is on a "pure neemo" body...

and here she is with her friend Blythe...and a teddybear

here she is in her punk outfit with her new tophat.

MH dolls - monster high redressed


I like to make clothes for dolls, and also for my MH / monster high dolls, they are quite tiny so its a bit tricky to make something for them, but I think theese pencil dresses has a very nice fit.

I have put a metal snap in the back for easy dressing.

I have them in my Etsy shop...

I just love MH, they have the cutes tiny figure and the finest finger + toes I have seen  :)