Viser indlæg fra april 26, 2015
hi all.

Here is a water color painting of mine, what do you see ?

I'm pretty excited about the process of combining paint and printing, I think I can get pretty interesting results this way.

Here is a new one, more to follow soon.


Now I jumped into teaching myself to make collagraf printing   ;)

First I made a small printplate, practice, practice, practice ...

So I made the first print on a collage I had lying around, it is quite ok I think.

I will work more on this type of work, it's exciting.

hope you like it, you can give it a try  :)
Hi all.

I have made more tiny bits of art, this is really fun to work with and very
affordable to buy for you :)  

one Artmoney are only $ 29,-

You get a unique art piece and you can frame it for your wall or just collect some pieces to keep.

See more of them here:

some samples:

tiny bits of art - Art money


I have some Art money for sale, if you don't know about art money take a look at: its a world wide art thing / currency.

"artmoney engages thousand of people around the world. The meeting point is the web site that connects all involved artists, shops and collectors"

Then take a look at mine please : you like them.

here is 2 of them :