fredag den 8. maj 2015

making collagraph print plates


Here I am working on a collagraph printing plate, cutting and making marks and patterns.

The next step is to varnish it before the first print. 
It takes a few steps to make a print plate, so I hope it will be fine.

I'll put it on my art site when I'm done, hopefully.

here is a print with leaves, it has to be framed later on.

torsdag den 7. maj 2015

Collagraph workshop

Yesterday I was at a very interesting workshop, it was about collagraph technique.

Waw, it was great and I had very much fun, even if there was a lot to try to remember :)

here is some pic's...

and here is a print I made, ta...da...

I can't wait to do more

søndag den 3. maj 2015

ATC cards, making and collecting


Do you know ATC cards ?

Artist trading cards (or ATCs for short) are small, baseball-card sized works of art that can be traded with other artists as a way to get creative, connect with other artists, make contacts, and collect great art!

I love that idee, and make and collect myself.

Some cards is called ACEO, ACEO stands for Art Card Originals and Editions. 
They are cousins of ATC's , both are by definition cards of artwork measuring
2.5 x 3.5 inches,  make ACEO cards as well.

here is some sambles:

its really fun to have a great art collection in a shoebox :)

Vævning, weaving, - billedvæv, tapestry, fiber art

Efter mange års pause har jeg genoptaget vævning, billevævning som jeg lavede dengang og nu har jeg så udvidet med en 4 skaft væv, en type ...