fredag den 17. april 2015

Pukipuki and small things - I just love it.


I am very pleased with small things, it can be dolls but also other small things, so Pukipuki is of course one of my favorites.

I am waiting for a real Puki to arrive here in Denmark, I am looking forward to it, for the big smile in the little face is as not to stand for.

I do sometimes make clothes for Puki-puki, it is also in my Etsy shop - if you would like to see it.

torsdag den 16. april 2015

Blythe doll photo fun...


Today I had fun taking photos of 2 of my Blythes, my middie and one of the big Blythe girls, they both got some new spring clothes.

I'll put some Blythe clothes up for sale on my Etsy shop today or tomorrow if you would like to see.

onsdag den 15. april 2015

LPS Blythe dolls, so cute.


I collect (also) on LPS Blythe, now I have 7, got 4 today.

I can not resist little things and theese are cute dolls on top of that, they are so funny and with very fine little details.

I sew and knit sometimes for them too, it's a little hard work, so the glasses must be found.  :)

here are the "new" girls...

tirsdag den 14. april 2015

Blythe, middie as little red riding hood


My new middie Blythe asked for a new dress, so I made this set for her, its made in a nice red cotton.

It can be used as a base for little red riding hood, only need a cape.

I have put it on my Etsy shop, if your middie want a new dress too.

I hope you like it, I have some hats for both big and small Blythes there too.

I have a nice time knitting + crocheting while I watch TV, and maybe you can benefit from it too  :)

mandag den 13. april 2015

What do you want ?


I was wondering what you might wish for your Blythe or Puki dolls?

I do have a Etsy shop, and it would be fun for me to do anything you need or want.

If you want, you can comment here and I will see if I can make it for you.

I like to knit and crochet for all 3 size of Blythe, and also Pukipuki and Pukifee.

I have bigger BJD's allso - up to a SD size for models, so let me know.

here is my middie Blythe and my custom Blyh, both in knitted dresses.

Blythe and Blyh fits into the same clothes, Blyh has high heel feets.

here is a body comparison

søndag den 12. april 2015

my new cute middie Blythe

my new middie Blythe

This cutie came yesterday, and she is my very first middie Blythe.

I'm very glad I got this little cutie and plan on making clothes for her, both for myself and for my Etsy shop.

The clothes will be crochet and knitting, and not so often sewn.

If you have any wishes for this type of doll, let me know - I would like to make things you like :)

here she is full size:

happy Sunday...


Så har vi dejlige sommerdage, det er noget jeg nyder. Jeg slæber glad og gerne alle mine krea sysler udendørs for at kunne nyde sommeren...